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I really appreciate the feedback, the flattery, and the general support for my own change and Rabbit’s change. We don’t get a lot of troll comments around here, which is amazing!

I will admit that my change both personal and on stage is an emotional challenge for me. To do so in a public light and look to be accepted is tough. When folks say things like “he was hotter as a male” or “I miss the old Rabbit” it does hurt my feelings. But that’s not without me understanding where you’re coming from.

Preference is fair. Critique is fair. Designs are subjective. But going through this transformation is a trying time for me, as it is with all transitioning transgender people. I would ask that you consider the difficulty transgender people go through, and with me, my art is paired to my performance and my femininity. To be perceived as anything lesser than I once was is hard to swallow.
I respect aesthetic preferences. I can understand my art isn’t always going to be well received by everyone. I would just like folks to consider me as a human being before posting stuff relating to my gender. I do my best to deal with it and show understanding. Will you imagine Isabella and Rabbit having to get approval from the audience to be themselves?

Much, much, love,







That moment in your childhood when you realize that Diagon Alley is just the word diagonally….


And the Mirror of Erised is just the word desire backwards.

Didn’t even realize. Does that mean Knockturn Alley is nocturnally (dark/night)?

Yes, and Grimmauld Place is a play on grim old place. 


And Dumbledore is just a dumb old door